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26 December 2010: Look at my blog-item at July 14 and look what I saw last weekend in Sint Nicolaasga (We had driven in the wrong direction; a good thing too!)


26 December 2010: An inspiring documentary:The world according to Ion B: http://www.theworldaccordingtoionb.com/


29 November 2010: Even Lenin likes the snow, yipie! (Rozendaal Twentse Welle 2009-2010)


24 November 2010: During our performance we pimped the basement a bit.



17 November 2010: Inspiring, back in my studio, thinking & sketching.




15 November 2010: Just look, she's mine, still obsessed about her eyes, my lovely daughter Noa.



15 November 2010: To all my lovely ones I saw, feel, hear this weekend, Can't help: Moi je t'aime un peu plus fort aussi, thanks! 



2010 8 November: Busy with MAAK: http://www.maak-enschede.nl/ about how to maintain a catastrophe. Together with Infrarood http://www.myspace.com/infrarood I'll sing a beautiful song in the basement of the Gerzhi  Weverij. In this play you will see the woman of Lot. At the ceiling of the basement we saw this 'salted spider' which will keep the tears of Enschede forever.

Look for the place (it's your last chance: immediately after this play it will be destroyed):






2010 2 November: Look for yourself; I look @TED  for inspiration and relaxation and because of the theme of both presentations.




2010 10 October: Sunny Indian Windy  Summer Weather: you're my boy! (sil)




2010 8 October: Lonely nights at my balcony, feels like that lady in the Hopper paintings.


2010 September 21: The last days too hard to handle, boy oh boy, what a dancer! (kiet).

2010 29 August: I feel a lot of connection between Marcel en myself: when I was a youngster I wanted a dog so badly. I've  walked for days with a white plastic bag on a rope: it was my first doggy!


2010 19 August: Can't help, still crying when I look at this: so many happy people en that applause (Yes, this is a confession: I'm like that Pavlov-dog: My tears spring into my eyes when I hear the sound of clapping. Maybe funny, but sometimes very embarrissing.)



2010 August 18: Still keeping the stories of my (holiday-)dreams,even during travelling by train for work (yesterday was my first day after holiday..).



2010 July 21: Forever young!



2010 July 15: At this windy day some rest for you all. Shall we all play it at 23.00 uur (dutch time)? - i.m. Jeff Buckley -


2010 July 15: So many happy faces - K's Choice - And also in New York city!

2010 July 14: Just look for a moment. I'ld like to see it 'once in a lifetime.' (With thanks to the project Cultuur in de Spiegel by B. van Heusden)



2010 July 5: I'm going to give workshops at young people at the age of 4 till 6 about the opera of W.A. Mozart: die Zauberflöte. We are going to make a tree full of Papagena's and Papageno's, but first we listen en look:



2010 June 18: Nice picture by Camilla Engman

2010 June 15: Very funny! Seen at Oerol June 12

2010 May 22:  Still fishing ;-)



2010 May 19: Still sketching (look a sister!)


2010 May 16: Busy, whole weekend making "poetry-art" (Look at KUNSTKIJKEN 30th May and you will see this creature and her 'sisters').


2010 May 14: What did you see? The words or the forms?


2010 May 10: "Yes, your honour, I'm quilty, I've cried at August Rush, it just was too hard to handle!"



2010 May 10: fishmarket at HUISVANTUINEN 


2010 May 9: Mother's Day: To all my sisters! 




2010 May 8: Sometimes I go walking, my favorite walks are in the woods, beneath the shoreline or  through stores (I like contrasts ;-) and than buy something just looking nice and pretty. Once I bought this cd, for €8,99, a DVD's including (with marvelous animations); it still feels like having a unique jewel!


2010 May 7: My souvenir dolls; only admitted when they are second (third ...) hand and have some kind of handicap.


2010 May 6: At April Fools Day I found this at the HEMAstore: crop circle seed for free! 


Real summer feeling -thinking of Ljugarn Gotland Sweden: barefoot, beachboys, wine en salted skins...

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