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30 October 2011: Impressions of visiting a lot of places the last months...it was very nice and now I'm enjoying autumn @home!


22 July 2011: Slow start of my holiday season...hmmm...i'm gonna write, create, make, cook, bake, think, read, see a lot....or not ;-)






29 May 2011: Last month lot's of inspiration for me: went to Lanzarote -unexpected great!-, the Twente Biƫnnale, Schloss Moyland, Germany, etc. etc.



23 April 2011: Easter.....tomorrow we'll go "eierkuul'n", a familytradition: throw an egg, hardboiled, as far as you can, no "splashing" allowed ;-)

(photo by: Torsten Reuschling)

5 April 2011: Fall silent................................and thinking: wow! wow! wow!    



3 April 2011: #DgD002


3 April 2011: I'm starting a new serie: My Dummy goes Digital, and this is the first one : #DgD001 !


27 March 2011: 'Goudkistje at the front of my studio is renewed! http://www.goudkistje.nl/



13 March 2011: My second-handshoppingday-score @ wawollie (once in a while we arranged some sort of day and have lots of pleasure!)


9 March 2011: Long time no see, just busy, nothing special, and lot's of listening to... ow, hear it by yourself!


8 January 2011: After a week with the flu I'ld like to dance with somebody, dance with somebody, dance, dance, DANCE!

1 January 2011: Lots of love and twinkling!

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